Looking for an inexpensive and effective advertising of your products or services?  Tents may be used as one of the forms of such advertising. Suitably selected image, clear and appropriate layout of information attract the attention of customers and increase their interest.

The size of tents depends of the needs of a client. They are usually used for installation of indoor and outdoor advertising. The uses potentially covered by tents are diverse – posters, coverings, trailers of vehicles, pavilions, etc.

We can offer the print transferred on various materials according to your needs:

  • textile fabric;
  • PVC tent material (laminated tent);
  • PREMIUM PVC tent material (cast tent);
  • MESH tent (tent with gaps, perforated);

Our tents are characterised by high quality, durability, resistance to discolouration and are produced by using a large format printing method (UV print).

In case of need, advertising tents can be made straight away! We can also hang the tents – we provide all tent installation and hanging services.

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